Dumpster Sizes

Indianapolis Dumpster Rental has all the dumpsters you need! Just take a look at our sizing chart below to determine which of our roll-off dumpsters is going to fit your disposal needs. We provide dumpsters in sizes of 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 yard which are useable for a variety of different projects. Each dumpster can be used for hauling household and construction debris, two of the most common forms of waste we dispose of on a regular basis.

Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Sizes
Size Dimensions Additional Fees Pricing
10 Yard 10 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 317-667-0685
15 Yard 14 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 317-667-0685
20 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 317-667-0685
30 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 7 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 317-667-0685
40 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 8 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 317-667-0685

For first time dumpster uses, it’s worth knowing the difference between household and construction waste. Household debris is primarily any item that is found within the home that is non-hazardous and disposable. Examples include clothing, plastics, paper, light metals such as aluminum cans, and appliances. Food waste technically falls within the category of household debris, but we unfortunately cannot allow any food waste inside of our dumpsters.

On the other hand, construction debris is everything that you might find on a work site. Construction projects, building maintenance, and other commercial projects use materials like drywall, shingles, metal, concrete, and brick on a routine basis. Since these materials are bulkier and heavier than household debris, they require disposal in separate bins from household debris. Landfills also won’t accept waste that is mixed together as it can contaminate the site with substances that it is not designed to contain.

So Which Dumpster Should I Rent?

The size of the dumpster should roughly fit the volume of debris to be discarded. Consult our customer service team if you aren’t sure how much debris you have to throw out.

Keep in mind the size of your driveway or work site. Some dumpsters will occupy an area roughly 22 feet long and 8 feet wide, so take dimensions into consideration when choosing your container.

Certain projects require larger dumpsters based on the materials being disposed of. For instance, clearing out a home or warehouse. Let us know if you have exceptionally large items to get rid of and we’ll make sure you get the appropriate dumpster.

Once you’ve selected your trash dumpsters you will need to make sure that your delivery area is properly set up. If you are having a dumpster delivered to your home, make sure the driveway is clear so that the driver can easily access it from the road. Be sure to remove any debris or other obstacles from around the area where the roll-off will be placed. When our driver arrives at your location they will back up towards the designated spot and roll the container off the back of the truck.

Some customers will want to protect their driveway from scratches and marks from the wheels of the dumpster. If you wish, you can take sheets of plywood and lay them down where the container will touch the pavement. This will mitigate the chances of the dumpster leaving any stray marks on your driveway or other surfaces.

If you have any questions or think you are ready to order, just call us at 317-667-0685. We’ll be more than happy to help!